April 4, 2011

Hello fellow UMW students,

I left my digital camera sitting on a bench in front of Trinkle this morning. (Yes, stupid me). I’ve looked everywhere and asked the police if anyone has turned it in yet. (No luck). That’s why I’m asking you to ask your friends or if you hear of someone talking about finding a camera, please please please let me know. call me, comment on this blog post, or turn it into the campus police!

It is in a worn black case and is a Nikon Coolpix s8000


4 Responses to “HELP – LOST CAMERA!”

  1. cali4beach said

    hope you find it dear!!

  2. Jim said

    Sorry to hear about this, I re-tweeted it, hope you find your camera soon!

  3. Steph said

    Thank you! me too 😦

  4. Osheen said

    Aaw, sorry about that, I hope you find too.

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