Gmail Motion

April 2, 2011

Technology of the future…..!


What do you think about this quote?

Technology Is Not Technology
(photo by lgb06 on flickr)
















(……April Fools.)


2 Responses to “Gmail Motion”

  1. cali4beach said

    I feel like this is definitely a step ahead into a cool direction, but that guy demonstrating the video looked really silly doing weird swiping motions.

    what I think they should work on instead is sending messages from our brains straight to the computer 😛

  2. jim said

    I just got around to watching the Google Motion video here, and i love the guy who acts out the actions. And impressive April Fools day gag for the media giant. As for Ken Robinson;s quote, I’m not so sure. Cinema was invented way before I was born, but i still very much under stand it as both a technology and an art. i think this line of thinking supports the idea that we are born into something assumes we understand it.

    We may not think of the refrigerator as technology given how ubiquitous and quotidian they are—but as soon as some asks you to build one, or even explain how it works more prescisely, that all changes.

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