all mixed up

March 31, 2011

I’ve always been told that we learn from each other;  Whether it be peers, teachers, colleagues, etc.  In Melanie McBride’s article about Escaping the Edu-travelogue,  she points out that we now have modes of learning that don’t involve “qualified” teachers, institutional spaces, or curriculum picked out.  I agree, but it also depends on how you define the word “qualified.”  Does it mean having a PhD. or a lifetime of experience?  Or could it be someone who has simply narrated their process of creating something that allows others to recreate and alter the work?  As we are starting our own remixing projects soon, this statement really stuck out to me to keep in mind. “The choice and selection and use of particular content is as integral to remix as the act of editing and changing the meaning of those materials.” ds106 has been a fascinating class because it allows us to explore what is being created and put online and figure out what can be worth using or provide the stimulus for new ideas.  Part of creating our own assignments is seeing what’s out there that can be manipulated or even what hasn’t been done yet.  In the Dr. Mashup article, Brian Lamb argues why we should embrace the mash-up and I agree with a lot of what he says.  I believe a remix or mash-up is new art.  And while at times, may be a little hazy as to its full originality, if you’re the first to have created that particular song/design/etc. then yes, I think it’s original.  And I explain more below but, for example, just because the DJ didn’t write the music himself, the mash-up he has created is a new, original sound.

I am not very familiar with the remix/mashup culture.  I’ve seen a few videos here and there and heard a handful of songs that have been mixed but it is not something that I feel like I’m seeing daily.  For my groups radio project earlier in the semester, we tried to create our own mashups of songs from various decades to create unique music for our radio show.  We spent hours listening to excellent examples and then testing out various songs.  And we failed pretty miserably trying to get something to work.  But out of that experience, I gained much more respect for mash-up/remix music artists.  So what if they didn’t write/produce/perform those songs, their well done creations make the art seem effortless.

Mashed Up Abstract Art by Andy Saxton2006 on Flickr


Visit Fredericksburg!

March 25, 2011

Once I got going with this assignment I started to reallllllly enjoy it! Editing the html was quite easy, including pictures, as long as they were on flickr.

Where I did struggle was with the advertisements at the top of the page.  For some reason it is duplicating the ads after I’ve saved the .html and re-open it.  This is a screen shot of what it should look like….

And this is what happens with the final project……spot the difference?

When I went into the code and deleted the html for the “Subscribe for the magazine ad”, the entire format of the page was screwed up.  The picture was up to the right of the “Ireland” Ad which I couldn’t find to try to delete too.  And now if you visit the page (link below) the ads continue to change as if you were viewing the original website.

Click HERE to visit the full page!!!

I uploaded the image/screengrab of the page to flickr but if you try to view it it’s very tiny.  Any idea how to fix this?  View Here! Thanks!

Fredericksburg makes the list as one of the top cities to travel to in this months National Geographic edition.

I’ll be editing this National Geographic page with the must-do’s and see’s of Fredericksburg (there are more options for writing below the big picture).  Biggest choice – deciding what picture to use to feature our city!

First Place

March 14, 2011

This picture is from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship from 2010.  UMW is the boat closest to the bottom of the screen.  We came from last  off the line to winning in the final sprint of the race. (Very rarely can a crew come from behind to win!) It is, hands down, my favorite race of my collegiate career.

Image: by teammate Anne Campbell’s parents; Quote: by General George Marshall

can't stop

March 10, 2011

Okay, once I got started with my final project designs I just couldn’t stop after only one.  So I bring you image numero dos.  I’ve also decided to create a page for my favorites (because this one was an instant favorite!)  The only editing I did was to enhance some colors.  I hope it makes you want to get on a sail boat!

Image: Cairns, Australia; Quote: by Mark Twain

photo project

March 9, 2011

These words are not my own……but the pictures are!

I love inspirational quotes.  They don’t have to be said by someone famous.  Funny, sarcastic, elegant, heard a million times, or virtually unknown, quotes often invoke images in my mind.  Usually the images are pictures that I’ve already taken.  Other times, it is a half formed image of something I’d like to take because I feel it could express the words.  This often leads to me taking more pictures than the average person.  Not to mention, my hobby of scrapbooking is fulled by this combination of expression through words and images.

We’ve all seen greeting cards with an old fashioned image and a quote or the “demotivators” which poke fun at the subject.  And doing the Big Hip Hop design project in ds106 showed that you can create powerful messages depending on the words chosen and image used.  For the rest of this semester, I’d like to create my own line of artwork consisting of images I’ve taken and favorite quotes.  Depending on the subject, I will be experimenting with the final layout….for example, greeting cards, postcards, labels, billboards, or like this first one, just the image.


Image: Outback, Australia; Quote: by Lewis Carroll